Assistant Professor

Dr. Wei Zhang

Research Area
Requirements Engineering,
Domain Engineering and Software Reuse
Room 1803, Science Building 1,
School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science,
Peking University,
Beijing, 100871, China.
Institute of Software, School of EECS, Peking University.
  Key Laboratory of High Confidence Software Technologies, Ministry of Education of China.
Conference/Workshop Papers:
Haiyan Zhao, Wei Zhang: Multi-View Based Customization of Feature Models. Accepted by 1st International Workshop on Domain Specific Analysis and Design for Reuse (DSADR'08) at 10th International Conference on Software Reuse (ICSR'08), 2008.
Wei Zhang, Hua Yan, Haiyan Zhao, and Zhi Jin: A BDD-Based Approach to Verifying Clone-Enabled Feature Models' Constraints and Customization. Accepted by 10th International Conference on Software Reuse (ICSR'08), 2008.
Kun Chen, Haiyan Zhao, Wei Zhang, and Hong Mei: Identification of Crosscutting Requirements Based on Feature Dependency Analysis. Proceedings of 14th IEEE International Conference on Requirements Engineering (RE'06), pp.300-303, 2006. [Link]
Wei Zhang, Hong Mei, Haiyan Zhao, and Jie Yang: Transformation from CIM to PIM: A Feature-Oriented Component-Based Approach. Proceedings of 8th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MoDELS'05), pp.248-263, 2005. [Link]
Wei Zhang, Hong Mei, and Haiyan Zhao: A Feature-Oriented Approach to Modeling Requirements Dependencies. Proceedings of 13th IEEE International Conference on Requirements Engineering (RE'05), pp.273-284, 2005. [Link]
Kun Chen, Wei Zhang, Haiyan Zhao, and Hong Mei: An Approach to Constructing Feature Models Based on Requirements Clustering. Proceedings of 13th IEEE International Conference on Requirements Engineering (RE'05), pp.31-40, 2005. [Link]
Wei Zhang, Haiyan Zhao, and Hong Mei: A Propositional Logic-Based Method for Verification of Feature Models. Proceedings of 6th International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods (ICFEM'04), pp.115-130, 2004. [Link]
Hong Mei, Wei Zhang, and Fang Gu: A Feature Oriented Approach to Modeling and Reusing Requirements of Software Product Lines. Proceedings of 27th International Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC'03), pp.250-256, 2003. [Link]
Journal Papers:
Wei Zhang, Hong Mei: Research on Feature-Oriented Domain Modeling. Accepted by Communications of CCF (China Computer Federation). (in Chinese Language)
张伟, 梅宏, 面向特征的领域建模技术研究, 中国计算机学会通讯, 已录用.
Hong Mei, Wei Zhang: Domain Engineering -- An Effective Approach to Achieving Software Reuse. Communications of CCF (China Computer Federation), 2007, 3(11):17-25. (in Chinese Language) [Link]
梅宏, 张伟: 领域工程 -- 实现软件复用的有效途径. 中国计算机学会通讯, 2007, 3(12):17-25. [Link]
Wei Zhang, Hong Mei, and Haiyan Zhao: Feature-Driven Requirements Dependency Analysis and High-Level Software Design. Requirements Engineering, Springer London, 2006, 11(3):205-220. [Link]
Hong Mei, Wei Zhang, and Haiyan Zhao: A Metamodel for Modeling System Features and Their Refinement, Constraint and Interaction Relationships. Software & System Modeling (SoSyM),Springer Berlin/Heidelberg, 2006, 5(2):172-186. [Link]
Shengxiang Zou, Wei Zhang, Haiyan Zhao, Hong Mei: Modeling Variability in Software Product Family. Journal of Software, 2005, 16(1):37-49. (in Chinese Language) [Link] [PDF]
邹盛享, 张伟, 赵海燕, 梅宏: 面向软件产品家族的变化性建模方法. 软件学报, 2005, 16(1):37-49. [Link] [PDF]
Wei Zhang, Hong Mei: A Feature-Oriented Domain Model and Its Modeling Process. Journal of Software, 2003, 14(8):1345-1356. (in Chinese Language) [Link] [PDF]
张伟, 梅宏: 一种面向特征的领域模型及其建模过程. 软件学报, 2003, 14(8):1345-1356. [Link] [PDF]