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Latex is highly recommended for papers submitting to international conferences and journals. 

For Starters - How to write a paper with Latex


  • Windows - You are recommended to download a software package from which includes the Latex compiler (MikTex), an integrated editor (WinEdt), as well as GSview and Ghostscript. The Chinese extension (fonts etc) is not needed for writing English papers.
  • Linux/Unix - Emacs/vim + the latex package (coming with Linux distribution) usually is sufficient.

  To Start With...

  • Start with a template (see below for more ACM/IEEE templates)
  • Familiarize yourself with the following essential structures
    • Title: \title, \author, \thanks ...
    • Section: \section, \subsection, \subsubsection ...
    • Lists: \begin{enumerate} \item ... \item ... \end{enumerate}; or use itemize instead of enumberate.
    • Figures & Tables: \begin{figure[*]) ...\end{figure[*]}, \begin{table[*]) ...\end{table[*]}, etc. (Use * to spread the figure across two columns)
    • Include EPS figures: \includegraphics{}, \epsfig{}, etc. (see below for how to create an EPS figure)
    • Labels: use \label to label ALL section headings, figures, and tables, and use \ref for ALL cross-references.
    • Bibliography: BibTex is recommended. All bibliography entries could be compiled in a separate file such that it could be used for multiple papers.

  Frequently Used Templates

Useful Tips

  • How to convert Word (.doc) documents to Latex:
    • wsW2LTX developed by Ingo H. de Boer and distributed by
  • How to convert OLE (Visio, Excel, PowerPoint...) figures to EPS
    • I recommend the OLETeX Utility.
    • You can always use a PS printer (e.g., HP ColorJet 5 PS) to print any document into a .ps file, then open it using GSview to convert it to .eps (don't forget to calculate the bounding box!!).
  • Hyphenation
    • To avoid frequent broken words, use \hyphenpenalty, and \tolerance. For example:
      • \hyphenpenalty=5000
    • To avoid incorrect hyphenation for a particular word, use \hyphenation. For example:
      • \hyphenation{op-tical net-works semi-conduc-tor}

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