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PhD Reading in Software Engineering (学科专著研读) (for SEI PhD Students)


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Class Meetings

Date Materials Presenter(s) Other Info
2/26 Paper #7, #8 Ma Jiakuan, Ye Wei  
3/4 translating... no class  
3/11 translating... no class Translation Draft due 3/14
3/18 reading paper no class  
3/25 Paper #1 Fang Xi Translation Discussion
4/1 Paper #10, #11, #12 You Chao, Wang Ziyou, Song Hui Final Translation due 3/31
4/8 reading paper no class READ "The Mythical


4/15 Paper #13, #14, #15 Zhang Ying, Shao Jin, Wang Bo
4/22 reading paper no class
4/29 Paper #16, #17, #18 Zhang Lei, Yang Shunxiang, Kong Junjun
5/6 reading paper no class
5/13 Paper #19, #20, #21 Wang Lijie, Zhu Jun, Liu Dianxing
5/20     MMM Essay due 5/20

Fall 2007 Schedule

Date Presenter Paper Slides
11/20 Shao, Linshuang David Parnas: Designing Software for Ease of Extension and Contraction, ICSE-3, 1978. [Local PDF] link
11/27 Wang, Xiaoyin Mark Weiser: Program Slicing, ICSE-5, 1981. [Local PDF]  
12/11 Cai, Sibo Walter Tichy: Software Development Control Based on Module Interconnection, ICSE-4, 1979. [Local PDF]  
12/18 Liu, Yi Sol Greenspan, John Mylopoulos, Alex Borgida: Capturing More World Knowledge in the Requirements Specification, ICSE-6, 1982. [Local PDF] link
12/25 Chen, Xiangping David L. Parnas, Paul C. Clements, David M. Weiss: The Modular Structure of Complex Systems, ICSE-7, 1984. [Local PDF]  


Yao Guo
1428 Science Building
Telephone: 6275-3496
Email: yaoguo 'at'

Office Hours: By appointment (Email preferred).


Junjun Kong (孔俊俊)
1435 Science Building
Email: kongjj 'at'

Course Outline

Specifically designed for new PhD students in the Software Engineering Institute, this course is attempting to help students to develop basic knowledge and research skills in the area of software engineering through reading of classic SE papers and books, presentation and discussion of ideas, and English-Chinese translation practice.

Reading assignments:


Classic Papers


Detailed Requirements

Paper Reading Reports

Book Reading Essay

Course Grading

Grading will be based on the following components:

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