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Keynote Speakers on 3/25/2013

Speaker Name: Paul Watson, Professor, Newcastle University, UK

Title: The e-Science Central platform for Collaborative Scientific Computing in the Cloud

Abstract: Cloud Computing has the potential to transform science by offering scalable computing resources on-demand. However, our experience is that there are major barriers that need to be overcome if this potential is to be realized by large numbers of users in a wide range of disciplines. These include the problems of building scalable systems in the cloud, cloud security and governance. In this talk we will discuss these barriers and our work to overcome them through e-Science Central - a portable, scalable, secure cloud platform which is currently supporting over $20M of research projects ranging across fields including healthcare, materials science and chemistry.

Speaker Bio: Paul Watson is Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Digital Institute at Newcastle University, UK. There he leads a range of projects that design and exploit cloud computing solutions, including the $20M RCUK “Social Inclusion through the Digital Economy” research hub. His current research is focussed around the high-level "e-Science Central" cloud platform. Professor Watson joined Newcastle University from industry (ICL High Performance Systems) where he designed scalable database systems. He is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the British Computer Society, and a member of the UK Computing Research Committee.

Speaker Name: Wei-Tek Tsai. Professor, Arizona State University

Title: Software Engineering in the Era of Cloud Computing

Abstract: Cloud computing provides enormous computing power and new challenges. Problems that are too large to solve in the past may need to be addressed and possibly also in real time. For example, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) may allow tenant developers to compose their applications using components stored in the SaaS database. Testing these tenant applications is equivalent to testing the interactions of these components, i.e., combinatorial testing. But this is a hard problem as the number of combinations is too large to be performed. This talk explores ways to address this problem including new models and processes where computation can be distributed to multiple processors for concurrent execution and the results can be combined following the operation rules of a algebraic structure. In this way, the enormous computing power provided by cloud can be utilized to address a tough problem. This talk will also explore ways to address other software engineering issues such as requirements and design.

Speaker Bio:

Keynote Speakers on 3/26/2013

Speaker Name: Dennis Quan, Vice President of SmartCloud Enterprise, IBM

Title: Key Trends in Enterprise Uptake of Cloud Computing

Abstract: The IT industry has seen a significant shift in spending towards cloud-based services, with concepts such as IaaS and PaaS becoming nearly ubiquitous. In the process, the software management stacks for running clouds have become increasingly automated and virtualized. The next step in this evolution is what we are referring to as Software Defined Environment (SDE), in which infrastructure elements such as storage and networking become further virtualized and leverage advances in switching technology, ethernet convergence, etc. Projects such as OpenStack Quantum are helping to abstract and virtualize these infrastructure elements so that individual workloads can be more intelligently assigned the resources they need -- an important improvement given the intensity of workloads such as Big Data that must be supported by clouds. In this talk we will talk about the trend in Cloud Computing towards SDE-based infrastructure in the industry and areas where contributions from the research community will be needed. We will also discuss how IBM and its Research division are looking to leverage these capabilities in offerings coming to market in the next 12-18 months.

Speaker Bio: Dennis Quan is Vice President of SmartCloud Enterprise, responsible end-to-end for IBM's SmartCloud Enterprise public cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) deployed worldwide. Dennis’s involvement in Cloud Computing started in 2007, when his team built IBM’s first cloud in collaboration with Google and the National Science Foundation. He has held numerous technical leadership positions in IBM over the past 14 years, including most recently as lab director of the IBM Tivoli China Development Laboratory in Beijing/Shanghai/Taipei, where he worked extensively with clients in the Greater China region across various industries on Cloud Computing and Integrated Service Management projects. Dennis holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Chemistry, also from MIT.

Keynote Speakers on 3/27/2013

Speaker Name: Sujit Dey, Professor, ECE Department, University of California, San Diego

Title: Mobile Cloud Computing to Enable Rich Media Applications

Abstract: With the worldwide adoption of smart phones and tablets, there is a desire to be able to use mobile devices and networks like we use PCs and wireline networks today. However, in spite of advances in the capabilities of mobile devices, a gap will continue to exist, and may even widen, with the requirements of rich multimedia applications. Mobile cloud computing can help bridge this gap, providing mobile applications the capabilities of cloud servers and storage together with the benefits of mobile devices and mobile connectivity, enabling a new generation of truly ubiquitous multimedia applications on mobile devices: Cloud Mobile Media (CMM) applications. In this talk, we look at early trends, and opportunities and benefits for new CMM applications and services. We analyze the challenges imposed by mobile cloud computing, and specifically issues that need to be addressed to make CMM applications viable, including response time, user experience, cloud computing cost, mobile network bandwidth, and scalability to large number of CMM users. We provide several directions for possible solutions, including developing cloud user experience measurement techniques, response time management techniques, and cloud media adaptation techniques. We also propose extending the Cloud beyond the traditional Internet to the edge of wireless networks. We describe the advantages of the resulting Mobile Network Clouds, and discuss the problems that need to be addressed.

Speaker Bio: Sujit Dey is a Professor with the ECE Department, UCSD, where he heads the Mobile Systems Design Laboratory. His research interests include mobile multimedia, mobile cloud computing, and low-energy computing and communication. He also serves as the Chief Scientist, Mobile Networks, at Allot Communications. He was the founding CEO and CTO of Ortiva Wireless, till its acquisition by Allot in 2012. He earlier served as the Chair of the Advisory Board of Zyray Wireless till its acquisition by Broadcom in 2004. Prior to joining UCSD in 1997, he was a Senior Researcher at the NEC C&C Research Laboratories. He received his PhD. Degree in Computer Science from Duke University in 1991. Dr. Dey has co-authored close to 200 publications, and is co-inventor of 18 patents leading to multiple technology licensing and commercialization.

Cloud Tech Summit Speakers on 3/28/2013

Tony West, Ph.D.
VP/CTO, Research & University Relations
Cisco Systems, Inc.

West has more than 35 years of innovation experience in the information technology industry, starting with research in local networks and protocols, to managing engineering teams developing network-based workstations and servers, to defining and managing IT and services architectures for large-scale global enterprises. West has led a number of industry standards efforts around open systems software technologies.

Prior to joining Cisco, West was VP/CTO for Global Services at Sun Microsystems, where he defined services technology for supporting an installed base of over 2 million installed customer systems, and led the way to a pre-emptive service model using network-based expert system technology. West was with Sun for 23 years and held various other roles in corporate strategy, IT, field marketing, and engineering. Prior to Sun, West worked in research at Xerox PARC and IBM Research.

West holds a B.Sc. degree in Computing & Cybernetics from the University of Kent, U.K., and a Ph.D. in Networking & Computer Science from Queen Mary College, London University, U.K. In 2011, West was appointed Honorary Professor of Computing, Computing Laboratory, University of Kent, U.K.

Eric Tran-le
VP, Product Management, Enterprise Manager Division, Oracle

Eric Tran-Le has over 25 years of experience in product management and software engineering respectively at Microsoft and Oracle. He has contributed to the standardization and automation of Oracle On Demand and is now part of the product management team of the Oracle Enterprise Manager Product Development Division working on Cloud Life Cycle Management.

Panel Moderator: Art Wong


  • Sameer Bhaltra –COO Impermium, Former White House Senior Director and Advisor on CyberSecurity
  • Alfred Huger –VP Engineering Source Fire (FIRE)
  • Ken Schnieder – VP of Technology Strategy, Fellow, Symantec (SYMC)
  • Vincent Weafer –Sr. VP of McAfee Labs, McAfee an Intel company (INTC)

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