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Accepted Full Papers (12 pages):

5   Richard Lomotey and Ralph Deters.
"Reliable Consumption of Web Services in a Mobile-Cloud Ecosystem Using REST"

12   Ivan Breskovic, Ivona Brandic and Jorn Altmann.
"Maximizing Liquidity in Cloud Markets through Standardization of Computational Resources"

13   Sylvie Laniepce, Marc Lacoste, Mohammed Kassi-Lahlou, Fabien Bignon, Kahina Lazri and Aurélien Wailly.
"Engineering Intrusion Prevention Services for IaaS Clouds: The Way of the Hypervisor"

15   Wei Ye.
"A Lightweight Process Mashup Approach Based on Business Unit"

17   Anwar Aldris, Ariadi Nugroho, Patricia Lago and Joost Visser.
"Measuring the Degree of Service Orientation in Proprietary SOA Systems"

18   Kewei Sun and Ying Li.
"Effort Estimation in Cloud Migration Process"

28   Aida Causevic, Cristina Seceleanu and Paul Pettersson.
"An Analyzable Model of Automated Service Negotiation"

29   Bixin Li, Rui Song and Li Liao.
"A User-Oriented Trust Model for Web Services"

34   Silvana De Gyvés Avila and Karim Djemame.
"Fuzzy Logic Based QoS Optimization Mechanism for Service Composition"

37   Bixin Li, Shunhui Ji and Dong Qiu.
"Monitoring Web Services for Conformance"

39   Moussa Taifi and Justin Shi.
"Performance and Reliability Effects of Multi-tier Bidding on MapReduce in Auction-based Clouds"

42   Shinji Kikuchi and Toshiaki Aoki.
"Evaluation of Operational Vulnerability in Cloud Service Management using Model Checking"

43   Chushu Gao and Jun Wei.
"Generating Open API Usage Rule From Error Descriptions"

44   Yunni Xia, Jian Ding and Xin Luo.
"Dependability prediction of orchestration-based service compositions using Petri net and time series models"

53   Ismael Solis Moreno, Peter Garraghan, Paul Townend and Jie Xu.
"An Approach for Characterizing Workloads in Google Cloud to Derive Realistic Resource Utilization Models"

56   Midhat Ali, Guglielmo De Angelis and Andrea Polini.
"ServicePot – An Extensible Registry for Choreography Governance"

61   Yang Syu and Yong-Yi Fanjiang.
"A Survey on Automated Service Composition Methods and Related Techniques"

63   Yun Ma, Xuanzhe Liu, Yihan Wu and Paul Grace.
"Model-based Management of Service Composition"

64   Wei-Tek Tsai and Xin Sun.
"SaaS Multi-Tenant Application Customization"

67   Jerry Gao, Xiaoyin Bai and Wei-Tek Tsai.
"Testing as a Service (TaaS) for SaaS on Clouds"

Accepted Short Papers (6 pages):

21   Akindele Bankole and Samuel A. Ajila.
"Cloud Client Prediction Models for Cloud Resource Provisioning in a Multitier Web Application Environment"

23   Hussain Al-Aqrabi and Lu Liu.
"Business Intelligence Security on the Cloud: Challenges, Solutions and Future Directions"

35   Chen Pengfei, Qi Yong and Hou Di.
"Multi-Scale Entropy: One Metric of Software Aging"

40   Felipe Carvalho and Leonardo G. Azevedo.
"Service Agile Development Using XP"

41   Annie Shebanow, Bo Sandén and Yanzhen Qu.
"Let’s Trade Futures! A Novel Approach for Cloud Computing Resource Planning and Management"

46   Paul Townend, David Webster, Colin Venters, Vania Dimitrova, Karim Djemame, Lydia Lau, Jie Xu, Sarah Fores, Valentina Viduto, Charlie Dibsdale, Shyam Iyengar, Nick Taylor, James Austin, John McAvoy and Stephen Hobson.
"Personalised Provenance Reasoning Models and Risk Assessment in Business Systems: A Case Study"

49   Mohammad Abu-Matar and Hassan Gomaa.
"An Automated Framework for Variability Management of Service-Oriented Software Product Lines"

50   Vera Stoyanova, Dessislava Petrova-Antonova and Sylvia Ilieva.
"Automation of Test Case Generation and Execution for Testing Web Service Orchestrations"

52   Emmanuel Renaux, Gilles Vanwormhoudt and Christophe Tombelle.
"A Multiview Framework Driven by Use Cases to Support the Design of Service Components"

58   Wei Song, Xiaoxing Ma, Chunyang Ye, Gongxuan Zhang and Jian Lv.
"Service Compatibility Analysis based on BPEL Program Dependence Graphs"

62   Yunmeng Ban, Haopeng Chen and Zhenhua Wang.
"EALARM:An Enhanced Autonomic Load-Aware Resource Management"

66   Zhen Zhang, Shizhan Chen and Zhiyong Feng.
"Semantic Annotation for Web Services Based on DBpedia"