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IEEE SOSE2013 � March26,2013



Opening Remarks


Keynote 1 (Ballroom)

Chair: Hui Lei 

Title: Key Trends in Enterprise Uptake of Cloud Computing

Speaker: Dennis Quan, Vice President of SmartCloud Enterprise, IBM

9:30am � 10:00am


10:00am -11:30am

Session 1:

Service Engineering for Cloud Computing (Ballroom)

Chair: Jorge L. Sanz 

Title: SaaS Multi-Tenant Application Customization

Authors: Wei-Tek Tsai and Xin Sun. 


Title: Reliable Consumption of Web Services in a Mobile -Cloud Ecosystem Using


Authors: Richard Lomotey and Ralph Deters.


Title: Engineering Intrusion Prevention Services for IaaS Clouds: The Way of the


Authors: Sylvie Laniepce, Marc Lacoste, Mohammed Kassi-Lahlou, Fabien Bignon,

Kahina Lazri and Aur�lie



Title: Evaluation of Operational Vulnerability in Cloud Service Management using

Model Checking

Authors: Shinji Kikuchi and Toshiaki Aoki.




1:00pm - 2:30pm

Session 2:

Cloud Engineering and Management (Ballroom)


 Chair: Paul Townend


Title: An Approach for Characterizing Workloads in Google Cloud to Derive Realistic

Resource Utilization Models

Authors: Ismael Solis Moreno, Peter Garraghan, Paul Townend and Jie Xu


Title: Performance and Reliability Effects of Multi-tier Bidding on MapReduce in Auction-

based Clouds

Authors: Moussa Taifi and Justin Y. Shi


Title: Maximizing Liquidity in Cloud Markets through Standardization of Computational


Authors: Ivan Breskovic, Ivona Brandic and Jorn Altmann.


Title: Effort Estimation in Cloud Migration Process

Authors: Kewei Sun and Ying Li













2:30pm - 3:00pm


3:00pm - 4:30pm

Session 3:

Service Runtime and Management (Ballroom)


 Chair: Leonardo Guerreiro Azevedo



Title: Monitoring Web Services for Conformance

Authors: Bixin Li, Shunhui Ji, Li Liao, Dong Qiu, and Mingjie Sun


Title: Model-based Management of Service Composition

Authors: Yun Ma, Xuanzhe Liu, Yihan Wu and Paul Grace.


Title: ServicePot � An Extensible Registry for Choreography Governance

Authors: Midhat Ali, Guglielmo De Angelis and Andrea Polini.


Title: An Analyzable Model of Automated Service Negotiation

Authors: Aida Causevic, Cristina Seceleanu and Paul Pettersson


4:30pm - 4:45pm


4:45pm � 6:15pm

Session 4:

Cloud Engineering Short Papers (Ballroom)


Chair: Shinji Kikuchi 



Title: Business Intelligence Security on the Cloud: Challenges, Solutions and Future


Authors: Hussain Al-Aqrabi, Lu Liu, Richard Hill, Zhijun Ding, and Nick Antonopoulos



Title:  Let�s Trade Futures! A Novel Approach for Cloud Computing Resource Planning

and Management

Authors: Annie Shebanow , Bo Sand'en and Yanzhen Qu



Title: EALARM: An Enhanced Autonomic Load-Aware Resource

Management for P2P Key-value

Storage in Cloud

Authors: Yunmeng Ban, Haopeng Chen and Zhenhua Wang



Title: Cloud Client Prediction Models for Cloud Resource Provisioning in a Multitier

Web Application


Authors: Akindele A. Bankole and Samuel A. Ajila



Title: Multi-Scale Entropy: One Metric of Software Aging

Authors: Pengfei Chen, Yong Qi, Pengfei Zheng, Jianfeng Zhan, and Yihan Wu


























IEEE SOSE2013 � March 27, 2013




Keynote II (Ballroom)


Chair: Guido Wirtz

Title: Mobile Cloud Computing to Enable Rich Media Applications

Speaker: Sujit Dey, Professor, ECE Department, University of California, San Diego

9:00am � 10:30am



Session 5:

Service Composition (Ballroom)


Chair: Xuanzhe Liu


Title: A Survey to Service Composition Methods using Aspects Classification

Authors: Yang Syu and Yong-Yi Fanjiang


Title: Fuzzy Logic Based QoS Optimization Mechanism for Service Composition

Authors: Silvana De Gyv�s Avila and Karim Djemame


Title: Dependability prediction of WS-BPEL service compositions using Petri net and time series models

Authors: Yunni Xia, Jian Ding, Xin Luo, and Qingsheng Zhu


Title; A Lightweight Process Mashup Approach Based on Business Unit

Authors: Wei Ye, Ruici Luo, Shikun Zhang, and Minfang Zhong








Session 6:

Service Quality and Trustworthiness (Ballroom)


Chair: Sylvia Ilieva


Title: Testing as a Service (TaaS) on Clouds

Authors: Jerry Gao, Xiaoying Bai, W. T. Tsai and Tadahiro Uehara


Title: A User-Oriented Trust Model for Web Services

Authors: Bixin Li, Rui Song, Li Liao, and Cuicui Liu


Title: Measuring the Degree of Service Orientation in Proprietary SOA Systems

Authors: Anwar Aldris, Ariadi Nugroho, Patricia Lago and Joost Visser


Title: Generating Open API Usage Rule From Error Descriptions

Authors: Chushu Gao and Jun Wei 

12:30pm � 1:30pm




Session 7:

span style='font-family:"Arial","sans-serif";mso-fareast-font-family:SimSun; color:black;mso-fareast-language:EN-US'>Service Engineering Short Paper (Ballroom)



Chair: Bixin Li


Title: Service Agile Development Using XP

Authors: Felipe Carvalho and Leonardo Guerreiro Azevedo


Title: An Automated Framework for Variability Management of Service-Oriented Software Product Lines

Authors: Mohammad Abu-Matar and Hassan Gomaa.


Title: A Multiview Framework Driven by Use Cases to Support the Design of Service Components

Authors: Emmanuel Renaux, Gilles Vanwormhoudt and Christophe Tombelle

Title: Automation of Test Case Generation and Execution for Testing Web Service Orchestrations 

Authors: Vera Stoyanova, Dessislava Petrova-Antonova and Sylvia Ilieva


Title: Semantic Annotation for Web Services Based on DBpedia

Authors: Zhen Zhang, Shizhan Chen and Zhiyong Feng 



Closing Remarks




Banquet (Dinner)




































































iVCE 2013 Workshop - March 25, 2013


Opening Remarks 


Keynote 1 (Ballroom)

Chair: Jie Xu 

Title: The e-Science Central platform for Collaborative Scientific Computing in the Cloud

Speaker: Prof. Paul Watson, Newcastle University, UK


Session 1: Scheduling (Ballroom)

Chair: Yijie Wang

Title: Scaling Service-oriented Applications into Geo-distributed Clouds

Author: Yangfan Zhou


Title: Skew-Aware Task Scheduling in Clouds

Author: Dongsheng Li


Title: An Application-oriented Scheduling Optimization Algorithm for Internet-based Virtual Computing Environment

Author: Chunge Zhu


Title: Scalable Resource Aggregation Service of an Erlang/OTP PaaS Platform

Author: Hanglong Zhan




Session 2: Performance (Ballroom)

Chair: Paul Townend 

Title: An Empirical Study of Virtual Machine Performance

Author: Xiaofei Huang


Title: A Memory deduplication Approach Based on Group in Virtualized Environments

Author: Yan Deng


Title: Reducing service cost based on the skewness of data popularity for Cloud Storage Systems

Author: Zhen Huang


Title: SwapCached: An Effective Method to Promote Guest Paging Performance on Virtualization Platform

Author: Pengfei Zhang

12:30pm- 2:00pm


2:00pm -3:00pm

Keynote 2 (Ballroom)

Chair: Jie Xu

Title: Software Engineering in the Era of Cloud Computing

Speaker: Prof. Wei-Tek Tsai, Arizona State University, USA


Break II & Refreshments 


Session 3: Trust, Security and Quality of Service (Ballroom)

Chair: Tianyu Wo 


Title: Enhancing Multi-Tenancy Security in the Cloud IaaS Model over Public Deployment

Author: Hussain Aljahdali


Title: Trusted Sampling-Based Result Verification on Mass Data Processing

Author: Yan Ding


Title: A Graph-based approach to address trust and reputation in ubiquitous networks

Author: Valentina Viduto


Title: Proximity-aware Cloud Selection and Virtual Machine Allocation in IaaS Cloud Platforms

Author: Hangwei Qian, Qian Lv


Close of workshop 


Reception Dinner






STITC 2013 Workshop - March 25, 2013


Opening Remarks 


Session 1: Testing as a Service (TaaS) (Grand Salon)


Chair: Scott Tilley 

Title: SaaS Testing on Clouds � Issues, Challenges, and Needs

Authors: Jerry Gao, Xiaoying Bai, W. T. Tsai and Tadahiro Uehara

Title: Research on SaaS Service Performance Prediction Method in Dynamic Resource Environment

Authors: Jun Guo, Hao Huang, Xiaofeng Shi, Fang Liu and Bin Zhang


Session 2: Testing in the Cloud (Grand Salon)


Chair: Hong Zhu 

Title: Software Testing as a Service: An Academic Research Perspective

Authors: Brianna Floss and Scott Tilley


Title: CTPV: a Cloud Testing Platform Based on Virtualization

Authors: Lei Yin, Bo Li, Jin Zeng and Fawang Liu


Title: Migrating Load Testing to the Cloud:A Case Study

Authors: Qiang Gao, Wei Wang, Guoquan Wu, Xuan Li, Jun Wei and Hua Zhong


Title: Structural Unit Testing as a Service with

Authors: Nikolai Kosmatov, Nicky Williams, Bernard Botella and Muriel Roger






Session 3: Panel Discussion: (Grand Salon)

Testing as a Service on Clouds




Rajesh Subramanyan






Keynote 2 (Ballroom)


Chair: Jie Xu 

Title: Software Engineering in the Era of Cloud Computing

Speaker: Prof. Wei-Tek Tsai, Arizona State University, USA 




Tutorial II: Testing as a Service on Clouds (Grand Salon) 

Speakers: Jerry Gao and Xiaoying Bai 


Reception Dinner 



Industry Track - March 25, 2013


8:00am � 8:10am

Opening Remarks 

8:10am � 9:30am

Session 1:

Cloud Networking and Services (Salon I)

Chair: Songbing Wei 

Title: The Evolution of the Carrier Cloud Networking

Authors: Dennis Cai and Sai Natarajan


Title: GATEway to the Cloud: Case study: A privacy-aware environment for Electronic Health Records research

Authors: Rob Smith, Jie Xu, Saman Hima, Owen Johnson


Title: Cloud Services for Improved User Experience in Sharing Mobile Videos

Authors: Dejan Kovachev, Yiwei Cao, Ralf Klamma 

9:30am � 9:45am


9:45am � 10:45am

Session 2:

Service-Oriented Engineering (Salon I)

Chair: Chao-Li Tarng

Title: Machine Translation System as Virtual Appliance: For Scalable Service Deployment on Cloud

Authors: Pawan Kumar, Rashid Ahmad, Ranshi Chaudhary, Rajev Sangal


Title: Architecture-based Adaptivity Support for Service Oriented Scientific Workflows

Author: Yan Liu


Title: Runtime Monitoring of SOA Applications: Importance, Implementations and Challenges

Authors: Farag Zakaria Safi, Mohammad El-Ramly, Akram Sala



11:00am 12:30pm

Session 3:

Service-Oriented Engineering (Salon I)

Chair: Chao-Li Tarng and Songbin Wei 

Title: Improving Web Sites Performance Using Edge Servers in Fog Computing Architecture

Authors: Jiang Zhu, Douglas S. Chan, Mythili Suryanarayana Prabhu, Preethi Natarajan, Hao Hu, Flavio Bonomi


Title: Large-Scale Data Challenges in Future Power Grids

Authors: Jian Yin, Ian Gorton


Title: Personalized Provenance Reasoning Models and Risk Assessment in Business Systems: A Case Study

Authors: Paul Townend, David Webster, Colin C. Venters, Vania Dimitrova, Karim Djemame, Lydia Lau, Jie Xu, Sarah Fores, Valentina Viduto, Charlie Dibsdale, Shyam Iyengar, Nick Taylor, Jim Austin, John McAvoy, Stephen Hobson 

12:30pm 2:00pm



Keynote 2 (Ballroom)

 Chair: Jie Xu

Title: Software Engineering in the Era of Cloud Computing

Speaker: Prof. Wei-Tek Tsai, Arizona State University, USA 




Tutorial I: Engineering SaaS (Salon I)

Speakers: Wei-Tek Tsai and Rong Peng


Reception Dinner